New discord experiments (rollouts)

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Discord has recently added new and useful features such as message components, application commands. They are currently working on very many other things like App Discovery, Text In Voice, Guild Role Subscription. Not to be left out on the activities they've been working on for an awfully long time, but when we'll see them completely nobody knows exactly.

Account Popouts

This is a bit of an experiment, but it will show your profile when you click on your tag and you can edit your status there.

account popouts

Account Pronouns

This is also a minor experiment, but useful for a lot of people. It adds an additional pronouns field. They decided to do this probably because a lot of people were putting pronouns in about me.

account pronouns

App Discovery

Due to the date shift on the demise of API v6 Discord is also moving App Discovery which we probably won't see later this year. Of course Discord is working on App Discovery, and by having it as an experiment I was able to see what it looks like so far.

app discovery

Discovery can be found in the server settings at the very bottom. Normally you won't see it there, but in the next post I'll tell you how to try these things out.

Auto Mod

You obviously haven't heard of this one. Discord is working on a new Auto Mode feature that could replace some auto moderation bots. I don't know why this change is coming this late when a lot of bots have known this for a good 4 years.

auto mod

auto mod spam

Command Permissions V2

You've all heard about this one. It has been announced many times at events, but it's still just an experiment.

command permissions

Text In Voice

They are currently introducing the Text in Voice experiment, which is causing few problems for bots.

text in voice image

This experiment has been around for a long time, it's just that then the staff locked it and couldn't continue to post to the rooms. My messages were written in December 2021, but I can't post there at the moment because the Garlic Team hasn't received this experiment yet.

Problem with Text in Voice

Staff locks everything, because nobody likes to use things before they are released, but in this case there is a bigger problem. The Text in Voice experiment crashes bots and the very popular discord.js library is also compromised.

from discord.js