How to start voice activities

• 1 min reading time

I'm sure you've heard of voice activities. You've wanted to play them on your own server at some point, and that's why you had to use a bot. Here I'll show you how to be able to run the latest activities without using a bot.

It's very simple. Just open the console with CTRL + SHIFT + I and then paste this code into the console:

var appIds = ["880218394199220334","976052223358406656","945737671223947305","903769130790969345","832025144389533716","832013003968348200","852509694341283871","902271654783242291","879863686565621790","832012774040141894","755827207812677713","879863976006127627","947957217959759964"]

window.webpackChunkdiscord_app.push([[Math.random()], {}, (req) => {for (const m of Object.keys(req.c).map((x) => req.c[x].exports).filter((x) => x)) {if (m.default && m.default.getEnabledAppIds !== undefined) {return m.default.getEnabledAppIds = () => appIds}}}]);

Or, if you have BetterDiscord or Powercord you can download the plugin.

Application Ids are only updated when this page is built, so if you are sure there is a new activity you can copy the id in this table

Then all you have to do is go to the voice channel, click on the rocket and start playing. Other people can already join using the Join Activity button.