My new website

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After a long time, I decided to make a simpler website inspired by WalshyDev. Instead of pure HTML I decided to use NextJS and React.
Once I started making the site in this framework, I was browsing the internet and came across Lume.

What is Lume?

Lume is a framework that is written in TypeScript for Deno instead of NodeJS
It is simple, elegant and supports many template engines.

You can read more here

Why Lume instead of NextJS?

I chose Lume because I wanted to try something new after a long time and because of Deno. I think it's unnecessary to use React only for such a simple page. NextJS is a React framework, and such pages usually have a lot of other scripts after they are built that would just overwhelm this page. Deno is also much easier to set up.

Reasons for using Lume:

  • Very fast
  • Simple
  • Supports many template engines
  • Heavily customizable

I will continue to use React and NextJS for larger projects, but Lume is brilliant!